Shinigami Methods

Shinigami Methods

Available Methods

You can install the Huddle01 Vanilla JS SDK packages in two ways:

  1. Using the script tag: Add the following code snippet to the head of your HTML.

    <script src="" />
    <script type="module">
        // Initialize huddleClient
        const huddleClient = new HuddleClient({ projectId: "YOUR_PROJECT_ID" });
  2. Using npm or any other package manager: Run the following command in your terminal to install the package:

npm install @huddle01/web-core

Using client to access Methods

Once you initialise huddleClient you can access various methods such as joinRoom and other methods.

// Joining room
	roomId: "YOUR_ROOM_ID",
// Listening to room joined event "room-joined", () => {
	console.log("Room Joined");
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