Expo Support

Expo Support for Huddle01 RN SDK

Follow the steps below to correctly install and use Huddle01 React Native SDK in your Expo application.


Firstly, you will need to install the Huddle01 React Native package and the react-native-webrtc package which is used for real-time communication. To do this, run the following commands in your terminal:

expo install @huddle01/react
expo install react-native-webrtc @config-plugins/react-native-webrtc

These commands will add the required packages to your project.


After you have installed the necessary packages, you need to add the react-native-webrtc config plugin to your Expo configuration. This can be done by adding the plugin to the plugins array in your app.json or app.config.js file.

For instance, your app.json file should look like this:

  "expo": {
    "plugins": ["@config-plugins/react-native-webrtc"]

Important Notes

1. iOS Bitcode

For iOS applications, this plugin will disable Bitcodes for all builds. This is a requirement for the package to function correctly, as Bitcode provides an intermediate representation of a compiled program, used by Apple to optimize apps in the App Store, but can cause issues with certain complex native modules.

2. Android Desugaring and Deployment Target

For Android, this plugin modifies two configurations.

First, it disables desugaring in gradle.properties. Desugaring allows the use of certain Java 8 features on Android versions lower than Android 8. This plugin sets android.enableDexingArtifactTransform.desugaring=false to disable desugaring.

Second, it changes the minimum deployment target from 21 to 24. This may break other packages in your app which are not compatible with Android version 24 or higher.

Please consider these changes before proceeding with the use of this plugin, as it may require you to modify other parts of your application.

3. Checking Compatibility

Given these significant changes, it is essential to test your application thoroughly after installing these plugins. Make sure that your application still works as expected on all target platforms, and that the changes have not broken other functionalities or packages.

In conclusion, while adding expo support for Huddle01 RN SDK, it's crucial to keep in mind the significant changes that this could bring about in your application's build and runtime behavior, especially on Android. With thorough testing and careful consideration, you can ensure a smooth integration process.

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