Shinigami Quickstart


This guide will help you to quickly get started with using our Javascript SDK in your project.


You can install the Huddle01 Vanilla JS SDK packages in two ways:

  1. Using the script tag: Add the following code snippet to the head of your HTML.

    <script src="" />
    <script type="module">
        // Initialize huddleClient
        const huddleClient = new HuddleClient({ projectId: "YOUR_PROJECT_ID" });
  2. Using npm or any other package manager: Run the following command in your terminal to install the package:

npm install @huddle01/web-core

Using client to access Methods

Once you initialise huddleClient you can access various methods such as joinRoom and other methods.

// Joining room
	roomId: "YOUR_ROOM_ID",
// Listening to room joined event "room-joined", () => {
	console.log("Room Joined");
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