Last updated on June 16, 2023
Popular apps and projects built with Huddle01 across the world.

Meet With Wallet

Meet with wallet provides an easy way to share you calendar and let people find the perfect time to meet with you, always ensuring your data is private. Booking for FREE by simply connecting a crypto wallet.


A Web3 Social Explorer build on lens protocol


We are building the bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0 email communication, bringing back to users full ownership, control and sovereignty of their inbox.


Launchpad for Web3 projects. By providing cutting-edge technology, project management and consultancy, Parallax empowers Creators, Brands & Businesses to explore Web3.


Join us on SOCLLY (a decentralized social network) to connect with a Web3 expert and be a part of the decentralized economy. Learn the lingo behind NFT, DeFi, and Blockchain


Platform to find jobs and create token gated interviews with file access to the interview recording.

Hearthside hangouts

Hearthside Hangouts: Find bookclubs, meaningful conversations, milestone-based reading, drop-in audio rooms, easy club management.


SyncX is a tool that enables you to connect with your audience through 1:1 sessions - to share your knowledge and monetize your time better.


Meet3Club is a video/voice chat platform that connects people randomly and is made using Huddle01​​.


HuddleScribe: The Ultimate Meeting App for the Future of Collaboration!.


Twype is a platform that allows to mint and sell video Orbs.


A platform for telemedicine.

Digital Ticket stream

DST is a live ticketing system managed by an NFT protocol.


Spaces3: Decentralized audio conferencing app for seamless, secure communication.

dApp classroom

DappClassroom is an innovative decentralized adaptation of Google Classroom, leveraging blockchain technology to provide a transparent and fair learning experience.


Decentralised course platform, people can create, sell, buy course all in decentralised ecosystem. It allows seemless integration among SDK.

Peer Code

A Remote developer collaboration platform.


Xstream: Token-gated video streaming platform for exclusive content and chat with streamers using NFTs.


decentralised social platform built on FVM and using Filecoin storage

Audio/Video Infrastructure designed for the developers to empower them ship simple yet powerful Audio/Video Apps.
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