Installing the packages:

To get started with the Huddle01 React Native SDK, you can install the package using npm, yarn or pnpm:

pnpm add @huddle01/react-native

You also need to install a few additional packages for the SDK to function properly:

pnpm add react-native-get-random-values react-native-webrtc

Initializing the SDK:

After installing the package, inside your top-level index.js file, make sure to import the additionally installed packages and call the registerGlobals() method imported from react-native-webrtc:

 * @format
import { AppRegistry } from 'react-native';
import 'react-native-get-random-values';
import { registerGlobals } from 'react-native-webrtc';
import App from './App';
import { name as appName } from './app.json';
AppRegistry.registerComponent(appName, () => App);

Now you can initialize the SDK by using the useHuddle01 hook:

import { useHuddle01 } from '@huddle01/react';
function App() {
  const { initialize } = useHuddle01();

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